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Refrigerated Truck Bodies

  • Thickness of panel is 50 mm, 80 mm or 100 mm. Bodies are the best performance in the range of +4°C and -24°C according to the products.
  • K value of the Frigo is 0,367 kCal/m²hºC for 50 (-5°C and +4°C).
  • K value of the Frigo is 0,323 kCal/m²hºC for 80 (-18°C and -24°C ).
  • It is possible to place and carry the products in different ways by means of various accessories mounted inside the body.
  • Appropriate for carry much more load.
  • Environment friendly insulation.
  • Clean-cut, smooth and hygienic surface.
  • Smart and robust with its import hardware.
  • Economical and long life bodies.
  • Polyurethane of 52(+/-2 kg/m³) in density, which has the lowest heat transmission, is used as insulation material (λ 0,020 W/mK).
  • Provides perfect heat insulation due to the superior heat insulation performance and homogeneous polyurethane density achieved under press and by using sensitive injection technology.
  • Sealing components of high quality are used on the doors (EPDM door sealants).
  • A joint technology which does not allow heat transfer at the panel joint places is applied.